Stomach and Abdominal Pain

Stomach pain

What are abdominal pain and cramps?

Abdominal pains and cramps are quite common and often short-lived, but they are very uncomfortable and can significantly disrupt your day. Abdominal pain can feel different every time. In most cases, the pain occurs at the level of the belly button or even lower and quite often noticeable rumbling accompanies the pain. Stomach cramps are a more severe form of stomach pain that are often described as sharp and burning pain. Stomach cramps often occur suddenly and several times in a row.

What causes stomach pain and cramps?

The causes of stomach pain or gastrointestinal spasm are often diverse. The digestive system consists of many intricate processes that converts food you eat into the nutrients your body needs and excretes what you don’t. It’s when this complex system gets out of balance, that stomach pains and cramps are caused, along with several other digestive symptoms. Whether its stress, an unbalanced diet or an underlying symptom that causes this imbalance, abdominal pain can be managed.

Disturbed motility, hypersensitive nerves and gastric acid are some of the underlying mechanisms, which may be responsible for the development of symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract and cause an unbalance in the digestive system process.

For example, if the nerves in the stomach are sensitive to irritation or natural physical processes such as movement or filling of the stomach, signals are transmitted to the brain which the patient perceives as stomach pain.

Or if stomach muscles are too stretched, for example through ingested food, the pain receptors may be irritated, leading to abdominal pain.

In addition, overproduction of gastric acids or even hypersensitivity to gastric acids may cause the gastric mucosa to become unbalanced. This irritation can also lead to pain perception.

Some illnesses can cause severe stomach pain as well. Always consult with a healthcare professional if you have recurring abdominal pain and cramps to check for an underlying condition.

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Tips to relieve stomach pain  

  • Support your digestive tract with a nutritional diet with food that's easily digestible and stomach friendly, such as foods with fibres and good fats. Avoid foods that tend to give you a painful stomach or food that is high in fat, strongly seasoned or very sweet. Drink plenty of water every day, around 2 litres.
  • Avoid stress and integrate relaxed moments into your everyday life, such as herbal baths or short walks.
  • Try keeping active-light jogging, swimming or cycling can help with abdominal pain.
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How can Iberogast® help?

The treatment of stomach pain and cramps depends primarily on the identified cause of the pain and because abdominal pain can be caused by a variety of factors, they are often hard to pinpoint. Medications that target and alleviate several symptoms and possible causes simultaneously are particularly suitable. 

Iberogast® can be effective on several parts of the digestive tract simultaneously (multi-targeted). Iberogast® eases stomach pain and abdominal cramps by relaxing over-active, cramped stomach muscles, calming a sensitive stomach and reducing inflammation and gastric acid

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