Travelling with Iberogast®

Bring Iberogast® on board

When you take a trip, exploring new and fascinating places can sometimes be too exciting for your irritable stomach. You may ask yourself – why is my tummy struggling? Well, while you are travelling, your gastrointestinal tract may be affected by unfamiliar triggers such as new ingredients, not completely heated meals or street food prepared under questionable hygienic conditions. These factors may result in a disgruntled stomach, especially if you suffer from a diagnosed gastrointestinal issue, like a functional gastrointestinal disorder. 

Due to its holistic approach and herbal formulation, Iberogast® provides fast and effective relief from multiple functional digestive symptoms simultaneously.

What's more, the handy bottle of Iberogast® can easily fit even in the smallest luggage. Remember, when you travel, travel with the power of nature. 

Iberogast classic and advance pack


Fast-acting, effective relief from functional digestive symptoms including those of IBS. Herbal power that works. 

                                                                                                Always read the label and follow the directions for use.